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 A Perfect Fit

 I was introduced to Shaklee by a close friend about 30 years ago while living in Casper, Wyoming. I saw my friend drastically improve her health & share her results with everyone she knew. Her Shaklee business took off & she invited me to join her. Although I was impressed with the company and her success, I had just started my career as a Montessori teacher.

 Eventually my husband and I moved back to Cleveland and started a family. That's when I decided to give the business a try -- one of the best decisions I ever made!  It allowed me to stay home with my two sons and in part time hours, earn full time income & a car!  

It was a perfect fit to partner with a company that shared my passion for holistic health and the environment. Before starting my business I studied Macrobiotics in Boston and taught  whole foods cooking. Eventually I became a Certified Nutrition Advisor through the NW Academy of Practical Nutrition & recently received my certification in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University.  

Whether you are a young parent who wants to spend more time with your family or you are approaching retirement and concerned about your income,  I hope you’ll check out the business and see if it is a fit for you.

You can choose your level of participation and it doesn’t matter where you live. 

Our online support and training are excellent.

I’m proud to be part of a company that has been green since 1956 and the first Climate Neutral company in the world!

If you would like to get paid for teaching other people to live longer healthier lives --  let's talk!  



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